NAHB – The Nationals

  • 2016: Best Graphic Continuity – East United
  • 2016: Best Signage for an Urban Community – East United
  • 2016: Best Presentation Centre – East United
  • 2016: Best Print Ad – East United
  • 2016: Best Direct Mail Program – East United
  • 2013: Best Direct Mail – Tao Boutique Condos
  • 2013: Best Internet Marketing Campaign – Tao Boutique Condos
  • 2010: Best Brochure – Triumph Communities- Schomberg

Summit Creative Awards

  • 2010: “Winter-forgotten-itis” – Retail Radio
  • 2010: “Triumph” – Consumer Products / Services Brochure
  • 2009: “Flowerprint: – Consumer Product Logo / trademark
  • 2009: “Signature Site” – Consumer Product Website

Awards of Distiction

  • 2015: Best Project Logo Branding – East United
  • 2012: Most Outstanding Mid/High-rise Condo Suite – Tao Boutique Condos

BILD Awards

  • 2016: Best Logo-Mid/High-rise – East United
  • 2016: Best Brochure-Mid/High-rise – East United
  • 2016: Best PR Campaign – East United
  • 2016: Best High-rise Building Design (Pinnacle) – East United

The WEBBY Awards

  • 2016: Official Nominee for Best Real Estate Website – East United

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